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My name is Pier-Frédéric

" I teach to stand up straight, run fast, hit hard and enjoy moving PAIN FREE! "

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AGING WITHOUT PAIN is a priority for us. The challenge is ambitious, yet achievable. At TENSEGRI-T, the client will learn about their body in order to SOLVE their HEALTH PROBLEMS as independently as possible. Joint and muscle pain comes from an imbalance of tension in the body, which is why through specific exercises and muscle releases, the client will necessarily see an improvement in their physical condition.

Whether it is about gaining flexibility, strength, explosiveness, wanting to improve one's posture, one's appearance or even losing weight sustainably, intervening on the STRUCTURE of the body as much as on the MECHANICS is the key to getting there.


Of course, understanding what HEALTH is from a BIOLOGICAL standpoint and adjusting one's BEHAVIOR accordingly must be at the center of the process so that the client can age painlessly.

Does your body need relief?

Chronic PAIN?




Individual services


"Move efficiently, sustainably and PAIN FREE!"

Services de Massothérapie à MAgog, Qc

"Relax from the everyday stress & relieve your muscular tension!"

Group lessons

Service de Kick-Boxing à Magog, Qc

"Develop your inner strength!"

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"Release you kicks!"

Service d'entraînement fonctionnel à Magog, Qc

"Sculpt your body with our new fitness approach!"

Johann G.

I took a personal training session at Tensegri-T and I am simply impressed with the amount of valuable information I received in such a short time. Pier-Frédéric is a great guy with an immense amount of knowledge on human biomechanics. He is truly passionate about his field! Above all, he has a very keen eye for identifying your weak points and suggesting a training plan adapted to your level to achieve your long-term goals...


Pier-Frédéric Cloutier


514 238 2879

Training & Taekwondo

84 Rue Merry N, Magog, QC J1X 2E6

Building annexed to the Vieux Cloché of Magog

Massage therapy

757 Rue Principale O, Magog, QC J1X 2B4

2nd floor, entrance at the rear of the building

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