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My name is Pier-Frédéric

I started Taekwondo at the age of 8, and my career as an instructor began in 2010 after I obtained my black belt. My desire to improve my sporting performance led me to practice several other martial arts, including aiki-Jujitsu and Kenjutsu for several years. Having acquired a detailed understanding of hand-to-hand combat, from strikes to submission holds, I love to share my knowledge with those who want to learn how to move better! What's more, I was certified Human Foundation in 2022 and Human Bio-Mechanics Specialist 1 in 2024 with Functional Patterns.

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Cours de Taekwondo à Magog, Qc

"Release your kicks!"

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What is Taekwondo?

The essence of martial arts is to use a minimum of force to achieve one's ends.

It gives the participant the options to inflict damage on his opponent, or to subdue him using submission holds if he so wishes.

The key to this practice is to harmonize with the forces that come at you and redirect them to your advantage.

Why practice Taekwondo?


1. Complete Physical Fitness: Every movement in Taekwondo engages the entire body, from head to toe. Combinations of kicks and punches improve flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.


2. Developing Mental Discipline: Learning and mastering techniques requires discipline and concentration. Taekwondo teaches self-control, stress management and problem-solving.


3. Confidence and Respect: By practicing Taekwondo, you gain confidence in yourself and respect for others. Our courses encourage respect for rules, instructors and training partners.


4. For all ages: Whatever your fitness level or previous martial arts experience, our courses are suitable for all levels. We help you progress at your own pace, in an encouraging and safe environment.







Equipment required: Uniform + white belt (available on site)

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Junior Course: 6 - 11 years


Senior Course: 12 years +

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Johann G.

I took a personal training session at Tensegri-T and I am simply impressed with the amount of valuable information I received in such a short time. Pier-Frédéric is a great guy with an immense amount of knowledge on human biomechanics. He is truly passionate about his field! Above all, he has a very keen eye for identifying your weak points and suggesting a training plan adapted to your level to achieve your long-term goals...

Contact us!

For any questions please contact Pier-Frédéric

514 238 2879

Payments accepted online and on site

Thank you

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84 Rue Merry N, Magog, QC J1X 2E6

Building annexed to the Vieux Cloché of Magog

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